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Original Description

"Addssadsdadsdassdadsdadads, es dificil dubujar sin pluma y con el cerebro seco!! Aun no esta listo, le falta el hermoso color, pero mejor lo muestro para demostrar que no me eh olvidado de este proyecto, espero que les guste.

PPPOOOOORRRFIIIINNN TERMINE!! Adssadsdadssadads, aunque batalle porque mi tablet se estaba descargando, LO HICE, son mi y Caro-Chan (Teeeeengooo sueñooo) y para ponerle de postre (??) Quiero hacer un video pero ya son las 10, adasadasafas, espero que les guste C: PD: Las quiero Amigas, Caroline e Isy PD de la PD: Teeeeengo muchoo sueño y hambreeeee!! (?)"


"Addssadsdadsdassdadsdadads, it was hard to darw without a pen and with a dry brain!! it's not ready yet, its missing its beautiful color, but better show it now to demostrate that I haven't forgot about this poject, I hope you like it.

FFFIIIINNNAAALLYYYYY I FINISHED!! Adssadsdadssadads, tho I struggled because my tablet was running out of battery, I DID IT, its me and Caro-Chan (I'm soooo sleeeepy) and to ad the cherry on top(??) I want to do a video put its 10, adasadasafas, hope you like it C:"


Dang I really proceed to disappear from Deviantart and make an alt account. In my defense, for some weird reason I couldn't access my account and when I looked up my profile it said that the page didn't exist? probably got confused when typing things down but I eventually got my account back.