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About me.

pixel drawing of me; brown hair up to the shoulders, big hexagon glasses, and tooth smile if you are wondering
Call me: Kiko
Age: Secret
Pronouns: She/They
Star Sign: Cancer
Aligment: Chaoti Good

Hi! You may call me Kiko.
I'm an artist and I love animation!
I would describe myself as an amiable person, though a bit forgetful and clumsy at times I always mean well; I always do things because they're fun and to bring a smile. (☆^O^☆)

My pets!

Pimienta Salem Chiquitilina Champa
Pinta Kai Reni Yuya
Bolt Mochi Tom Jerry


Cartoons: The owl house, Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja, Monkie Kid, Arcane, Centaurworld, Amphibia, The Moomins, Helluva boss, Infinity train, Metal family, Mao Mao heroes of the heart, Epithet Erased, Over the garden wall, Gravity falls.
Animes: Cells at Work, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, SpyxFamily, Princess Tutu, Ascendance of a Bookworm, Beastars, Fullmetal alchemist, Demashita! powerpuff girls z, Mew Mew Power.
Movies: Treasure planet, Turning red, How to train your dragon, Coco, Kiki's delivery service, Silent voice, Shrek 2, Rise of the guardians, Perfect blue, Whispers of the heart, The cat returns, Bridge to Terabithia, Matilda, Meet the Robinsons, Spider-man into the Spider-verse, Encanto.
Videogames: Deltarune, Kirby and the amazing mirror, Pokemon emerald, Yume nikki, Jack II, Five nights at Freddy's, Frogger: The Great Quest, Detroit: Become human, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Super Smash Bros(64).
Characters: Miles Edgeworth, Giovanni Potage, Snufkin, Serena Tsukino, Eclipsa Butterfly, Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne, Red Son, Horse, Zim, Marshall Lee, Sasha Waybright, Grace Monroe, Connor, Killian, Jack Frost, Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, Peridot, Rei Ayanami, Utena Tenjou, Moxxie, Kris Undertale, Onceler, Randy Cunnungham, William Afton.

My virtual pets!

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! my neopet
Xhunco Momo Lyuds

Fun facts~